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Ever since our Company began, it has been our purpose to help people to gain access to justice, as we appreciate it is often difficult for many people to assert their rights and find legal assistance easily.

As part of our new five goals to 2030 (5>30), one of our key aims is to promote this need, together with those charities who work with those less able in society. This is where the idea of ARAG Day came into fruition.

As part of this pledge and ARAG Day itself, we aim to turn our goals into results by supporting people in vulnerable positions. For this to happen, we reached out to organisations to offer our assistance in enabling them to access to justice.

Our chosen partner for the first ARAG DAY is ALONE, which is a charity founded upon the idea of helping older persons who are lonely, isolated, ill, homeless, living in poverty, or facing other difficulties. Our aim is to partner with the charity to support these people by offering free legal advice on subjects that may affect them.

On ARAG DAY, we will be hosting a ‘coffee and talk morning’, which will see us welcome some members of ALONE, into our Dublin office where members of our Legal Advice team will provide a talk on legal planning for older persons, the making of a will and powers of attorney.

The morning will be co-hosted by the charity on September 29th as part of ARAG DAY.

Together with the charity, we strive to provide access to justice to the greatest number of people possible, and by partnering up we can ensure we are in the best position possible to do so.

To learn more about ALONE, please follow this link.

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.

International ARAG DAY

Everyone should be able to assert their rights - regardless of their financial situation - this is ARAG's founding idea. The ARAG DAY now makes this idea visible and tangible in a special way each year. Simple and free access to justice seems quite natural, but it remains out of reach for many people even today as they lack the financial means to obtain help. The Düsseldorf-based insurance group ARAG therefore organized the first international ARAG DAY on and around September 29th, 2023. ARAG branches from all over the world offered free advice campaigns for various target groups and on special topics. In doing so, the company emphasized the high social relevance of making access to justice easy and accessible for everyone. "With ARAG DAY, we helped many people dealing with their legal issues who wouldn’t have been able to afford legal advice – and we did this in all countries we are active in. At the same time, we stressed the importance of free access to justice. All this turned the campaign day into a huge success," emphasizes Dr. Renko Dirksen, Spokesman of the Board of Management of ARAG SE.