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Motor Legal Protection Plus


If your customer is involved in a motor accident that isn’t their fault, we will help them claim back losses that aren’t covered by their motor insurance from the person that caused the accident. This could be damage to personal belongings, vehicle repair costs for third-party insured vehicles and loss of earnings. The customer can normally keep their no claims discount if they are able to claim back these losses.

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We can help by:

  • Claiming back their motor insurance policy excess

  • Obtaining compensation if they or any of their passengers is injured

  • Arranging a replacement vehicle while theirs is being repaired

  • Claiming back other losses

Motor Legal solutions

And on top of that

Motor Legal Protection Plus also gives you:

  • Contract cover

    If the customer is involved in a contract dispute arising from an agreement which they have for buying, selling, hiring or insuring an insured vehicle or its spare parts or accessories or the service, repair or testing of an insured vehicle.

Legal costs and expenses are covered up to €130,000 per claim and Motor Legal Protection Plus also includes 24/7 personal legal advice.



Motor Legal Protection Plus

Motor Legal Protection Plus
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